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A "milter" based filter for sendmail 8.12.X which gets rid of nearly all the bad attachements (exe,bat,com,js,...,vbs,...) and reanmes them to *@XXX, and optionally gets rid of the HMTL based part of email of SCRIPT based stuff only, rejects certain mail which have attachements. Currently writing: Done (latest)

Milter based Sendmail (8.12.X) filter.

What it does


OS tested on


Setup for the sendmail mc file

Include the two follwing lines into you file and compile it using the m4 macro processor. (see cf/README)

define(`_FFR_MILTER', `1')dnl

Note: it does not matter how you name the filter, this is only used for sendmails config file. However the name of the soccket you specify here must be the same you specify when you start sendmailfilter!

How to compile it

How to run the filter

Remove the old socket and then run the program:

rm /var/run/f1.sock
sendmailfilter -h -p unix:/var/run/f1.sock

where the options are:

If this returns straight away, something is wrong.
Increase debugging level to see whats wrong.

How tested



Jobst Schmalenbach

Download Area(Warranty Notice):

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